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How to Make Healthy Pancakes
Pictured Recipe: Whole-Grain Buttermilk Pancakes
What Is White Asparagus?
At this time of year, in parts of Europe the first appearance of white asparagus is so revered that full-blown...
5 Tips to Make Carrot Cake Healthy and Even More Delicious
Pictured Recipe: EatingWell Carrot Cake
3 Tips for How to Hard-Boil an Egg The Right Way
Learn our Test Kitchen's tricks for how to hard boil eggs perfectly every time. Although they seem simple, a hard-...
How to Dye Eggs with Natural Dyes
Find out how to make natural dye for coloring Easter eggs. Are you interested in coloring eggs naturally with food-...
Soup Recipes to Help You Lose Weight
I’ll never forget the moment in a Weight Watchers meeting when the conversation turned to “The Soup.” Everyone in the...
Cream Sauce Without Cream: The Secret to Make Creamy Recipes Healthy
On cold winter nights on a Colorado ranch, Grandmother Maud bustled around her warm woodstove simmering up rib-sticking...
How to Make Fried Chicken Healthier
Make a healthier version of a crispy “Bucket o’ Chicken” at home. If you love fried chicken, you're not alone. (You...
Fresh vs. Canned vs. Frozen: Which Is Better?
Canned or frozen produce can be more convenient—but are you giving up nutrition for convenience? Nothing beats...
5 Risky Refrigerator Mistakes to Avoid
5 common refrigerator mistakes and how to avoid them. A refrigerator is not a very demanding appliance, but it does...
4 Whole Grains You Should Be Eating
The health and nutrition benefits of wild rice, cornmeal, quinoa and amaranth. Despite the fact that they're...
4 Creative Ways to Cook with Sesame
Go beyond sesame seeds and find out how to make sesame a go-to ingredient in your kitchen. If the only time you eat...
10 "Cheater" Ways to Get Dinner on the Table in Under 30 Minutes
Pictured Recipe: Stir-Fried Carrots, Corn & Peppers
How to Make the Best Homemade Stuffed Shells
Pictured Recipe: Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Shells
Infused Vinegars from Your Kitchen
What do you get when you combine vinegar, a few easy-to-find ingredients and a dash of ingenuity? Infused vinegars that...
5 Tips for How to Make Jello Naturally
Pictured Recipe: Sangria Jello
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