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So many of us are trying to lose weight and there are a lot of alluring quick fixes out there. But weight management is a lifelong journey, not something that you do for a few months and then move on. EatingWell's nutrition editors and bloggers cut through the hype to help you lose weight successfully and healthfully. In this blog you'll find real-life solutions and tasty recipes to help you deal with the everyday things that challenge your weight-loss efforts, specific tips that help you cut calories and continued inspiration to stay motivated and on track.

3 healthy ingredients of a get-skinny lunch
Just as breakfast gives me a much-needed energy boost in the morning, eating lunch fuels the second half of my day...
10 tricks to make losing weight easier
To successfully lose weight and keep it off, eating well and exercising are key—the “secret,” of...
3 holiday foods that actually help you lose weight
It’s the holidays and you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself! Problem is, you’re reading all these...
4 holiday (eating) habits to break right now
The holiday season is nutty, and when you’re running around in 20 different directions and your brain has gone fa...
5 ways to indulge without the bulge
We’re officially in full-force holiday mode now, which means plenty of opportunity for overindulging at festive...
Your post-holiday detox plan
I’m a big believer that Thanksgiving is not a day to diet. Once a year, you get to gather ’round the table...
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