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Michelle Obama's Flash Workout
Did you hear about the "Flash Workout" that broke out at schools around the country on Tuesday? As part of Michelle...
Take the Slim Down for Summer Challenge!
The weather's heating up and it's time to look and feel your best for summer. That's why we've created the Slim Down...
How apples can make you skinnier & 4 more health benefits of apples
When apple season rolls around, and the berries, peaches and plums of summer sadly make their exit, apples take center...
3 fat-burning snacks to pack in your bag
I never leave home without snacks in my bag. If an appetite emergency strikes, I’m ready. Of course, just because...
Can a detox diet safely help you lose weight?
It's that time of year when even the most diligent healthy eater is thinking about dieting. Summer, the season of fewer...
Could you be addicted to food? 5 secrets to controlling your cravings
I’ve had a few recent run-ins with dark-chocolate M&Ms. Here’s what happens: I’ll grab a few of...
4 ways to outsmart your metabolism
So. You’re trying to lose weight... join the club. (No, seriously—find weight-loss support among more than...
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