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Want to lighten up your favorite Christmas cookie recipes? We’re kicking off the holiday baking season by sharing prize-winning cookie recipes and tricks from our EatingWell Test Kitchen pros to make any cookie healthier but still taste great.

5 tips for perfect gingerbread cookies
No holiday cookie platter is complete without gingerbread cookies. I love them because they’re simple, delicious...
Holiday baking tip 5: Embrace natural ingredients
Many of us need to face facts: “the way Mom used to make” and “all-natural” aren’t necessarily equivalent statements....
Holiday baking tip 4: Consider whole-grain flour
Here’s a holiday baking conundrum: you want to keep things relatively nutritious, but every recipe you run across calls...
Holiday baking tip 3: Discover creative ways to decorate
When I think of Holiday Cookies, I think beautiful: bright red frosting piped around the edges of a star-shaped...
Holiday baking tip 2: Ditch the excess sodium
Call me crazy, but when I think of the nutritional impact of sugar cookies, I think of sugar. Weird, right? I’m sure...
Holiday baking tip 1: Swap out unhealthy fats
Season’s Greetings! Welcome to EatingWell’s annual Holiday Cookie Swap. All week we’ll be trading innovative tips and...
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