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A Week of Clean-Eating Dinners and Sides
Eating clean may seem like a trendy idea, but in the EatingWell Test Kitchen, it’s what we always think about when we...
Day 7: Cut Down on Alcohol
Eating clean also means drinking clean. You can still have some alcohol if you want—but stay within the recommended...
Day 6: Cut Back on Sugar
Most people eat far too many added sugars. The easiest way to clean up the sugars in your diet is to limit obvious...
Day 5: Eat More Whole Grains
Whole grains have beneficial nutrients that refined grains are missing, like magnesium (which helps the body produce...
Day 4: Eat More Vegetables
Most Americans fall short of reaching the average recommended daily amount of 2½ to 3 cups of vegetables—which means...
Day 3: Eat Less Meat
Clean eating doesn’t mean giving up meat entirely, but cutting back on meat helps you cut back on saturated fat, which...
Day 2: Eat Less Sodium
Americans typically eat 1.5 times the recommended sodium limit of 2,300 mg. According to new research, the average...
Day 1: Eat Less Processed Food
You can greatly improve your diet and clean it up in a snap by cutting back on processed and packaged foods, which can...
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