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Cookbook author Kathy Gunst is a resident chef on public radio's Here & Now. Her most recent book is Notes from a Maine Kitchen (Down East Books).

How to Buy Eggs: What Do Organic, Cage-Free and Free-Range Labels Mean?
Buying a simple carton of eggs, like a lot of things in life, has gotten more complicated. Here's how to understand...
This Woman Left Her Job to Start a CSA for Farm-Fresh Eggs
When you arrive at Olive Egg Farm in Honeoye Falls, New York, you're greeted by a magnificent flock of chickens. Red...
Beyond Coleslaw: Creative Recipes for Cabbage
It’s funny how tastes change. As a kid my relationship with cabbage began and ended at the neighborhood deli. I loved...
How to Cook with Garlic and Roast Garlic to Make Meals Layered with Flavor
Garlic is the spine of all my cooking, the backbone of the flavors in my repertoire. I can't make pasta or roast a...
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