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Are Energy Drinks Bad for You? The Health Side Effects of Energy Drinks
How much would you pay for a drink that promises to revitalize your mind and body, elevate your energy or give you the...
10 Health Lessons Learned
The first widely read nutrition study was published in 1872 in the British Medical Journal. Back then, researchers...
Cherry Nutrition Benefits
Sweet or sour, cherries are bursting with nutrition. Find out how these petite stone fruits can help improve your...
How Whey Protein Can Help You Get Lean
Can a little whey help you weigh less? Protein is great for dieters—compared to carbohydrates and fat, it keeps you...
Your Road Map to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines
Every five years, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)...
How to Keep Your Weight Loss Going
Sometimes bigger really is better. For years, weight-loss experts have recommended eating high-volume, low-calorie...
Are Your Tummy Ills All in Your Head?
Are your tummy troubles all in your head? Yes. And no. There’s a reason why, when you’re upset, you feel a knot in the...
How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep after 40
As if getting a good night’s sleep now versus when you were in your twenties isn’t hard enough, a recent study in Sleep...
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