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What’s in Your Veggie Burger?
You may have traded your hamburger for a veggie burger because of concern for your health and the environment, but—...
Bringing Back Heirloom Apples
Red Delicious, Granny Smith, McIntosh: these names are so familiar because only 11 varieties represent 90 percent of...
5 Reasons We Love Plums
1. “Plum” is often used to describe a deep purple hue, but in fact plums come in a wide spectrum of colors, asuch as...
Fast Food: The Real Cost of a Hamburger
A McDonald’s Big Mac costs about $3.50, but Raj Patel, author of the newly released The Value of Nothing (Macmillan,...
Should You Opt for Organic Grapefruit?
Reverend Griffith Hughes was looking for the Garden of Eden on Barbados in 1750 when he discovered grapefruit. He named...
Bounce That Cranberry
When John “Peg-Leg” Webb poured a load of cranberries down his storage-loft stairs (his wooden leg made it impossible...
Carrots with Charisma
When my mother told my brother that carrots were good for his eyes, he thought he had found the secret to seeing in the...
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