Eat More Vegetables

We love veggies and we want you to love them too! Get tasty tips for eating more veg from the food & nutrition experts at EatingWell.

Vegetable Cooking Guides

How to Cook Brussels Sprouts So They're Actually Delicious

No more mushy boiled Brussels sprouts! Learn to how cook delicious Brussels every time with these genius tips.

How to Cook Cauliflower

This low-carb vegetable is prized for its versatility. In this ultimate guide, learn how to prep and cut cauliflower and cook it up in the oven, microwave or on the stove. Plus, how to make cauliflower rice.

How to Cook Beets So They're Actually Delicious

Many people have strong feelings about beets (usually in the negative), but learning how to cook beets properly can change minds for good. If you don't love beets, using one of these methods to prepare beets for roasting, steaming and boiling might just change your mind.

How to Cook Zucchini

We show you 4 ways to cook zucchini—grill, roast, steam and sauté. Plus, get information on zucchini nutrition and how to pick, store and grow zucchini.

How to Store Vegetables

The Best Way to Store Fruits and Veggies

Use this handy chart to help you know where and how to store your produce, what fruits and vegetables can be stored together, and which ones you should keep apart to keep them from spoiling.

Freeze Potatoes to Save Time and Money

Yes, you can freeze potatoes and sweet potatoes, too! Here's how to freeze french fries, hash browns, mashed potatoes and more, plus the best recipes for using all those frozen spuds.

19 Easy Sautéed Veggie Sides for Weeknights

Round out your dinner with a simple and delicious vegetable side dish. We sauté vegetables like spinach and carrots to create a flavorful and healthy dish in just 20 minutes or less. Recipes like Balsamic-Parmesan Sautéed Spinach and Broccoli Rabe with Orange & Sesame are nutritious and perfect for busy weeknights.