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Asparagus with Easy Hollandaise Sauce
This simple blender hollandaise recipe with fresh herbs makes a luscious topping for steamed asparagus, but is also great with artichokes, fish and, of course, eggs Benedict. For a nutty flavor, try browning the butter before adding it to the blender, and/or top the asparagus with slivered almonds or chopped pecans.
Easter Bread
Studded with naturally colorful eggs, this subtly sweet and decadently tender loaf of bread is an easy and healthy Easter brunch stunner. Remove the eggs before eating and either serve them up with slices of the bread or save them for later (they're just like hard-boiled!).
Quiche Lorraine with Zucchini Crust
Shredded zucchini acts as the crust in this recipe for healthier, low-carb quiche Lorraine--quiche with Jarlsberg cheese, bacon and scallions--a brunch classic.

Cute and Clever Easter Ideas

Carrot Cake Cheese Ball
This sweet carrot-shaped cheese ball recipe is a clever take on an Easter dessert favorite: carrot cake. Serve with graham crackers, vanilla wafers, gingersnaps or apple slices for dipping fun that both kids and adults will love.
Bunny Butt Cake
You won't believe how easy it is to assemble this adorable bunny-butt-shaped cake. You don't even need any special baking pans--just a round cake pan and a muffin tin are used to make the cute bunny butt and little bunny feet. Shredded coconut and fresh berries complete the look in a snap for an Easter dessert everyone will rave about.
Bunny Fruit Salad
This naturally sweet festive treat is equally fun for kids and adults, with none of the sugary guilt. Arrange this simple fruit salad recipe in the shape of a bunny for Easter or any spring occasion.
Chicks & Bunnies (Soft-Boiled Eggs & Soldiers)
Soft-boiled eggs with toast "soldiers" for dipping are a classic English breakfast. Here, we've cut the toast into bunnies and serve with dippy eggs for a fun egg-and-toast recipe perfect for Easter brunch or a kid-friendly breakfast.
Bunny Pizza
You'll hop for joy when you see how easy it is to make a bunny-shaped pizza for family night. It's a classic cheese pizza, dressed up as a fun springtime treat. How cute!
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