How to Eat Healthy

Learn how to eat healthy with smart and practice advice and recipes from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell.

How to Eat Healthy
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Easy Healthy Recipes

Kale Salad with Balsamic & Parmesan
In this healthy kale salad recipe, you massage the dressing into the kale, tenderizing the leaves and infusing the salad with sweet balsamic flavor. Creamy pine nuts and salty Parmesan cheese added at the end balance the flavors. Enjoy this salad on its own as a side dish or add cooked chicken, shrimp or steak to make it a full meal.
Make-Ahead Freezer Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl
Keep a lineup of these simple breakfast bowls in your freezer for a heat-and-eat breakfast that will give you energy throughout the morning. Rolled or steel-cut oats will work for this recipe. Feel free to swap fresh fruit for the frozen berries.
Lentil-Sausage Breakfast Bowl
This protein-packed lentil bowl is great to have stocked and ready to go in the freezer for busy mornings. The Italian sausage lends the lentils richness while the marinara boosts the flavors with its seasonings.
Veggie Sausage English Muffin
Keep several of these simple vegetarian sausage sandwiches in your freezer so you always have a healthy breakfast ready to go. To keep it simple, we use roasted peppers from a jar instead of roasting them at home.
Waffle Breakfast Sandwich
Trading bread for waffles is just the upgrade the classic breakfast sandwich calls for. To save yourself time, make a bunch of these easy sandwiches to fill up your freezer so you'll always have a healthy breakfast at the ready.
More Healthy Recipes

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