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I Went Vegan for One Year to Manage Heart Disease–Here’s What Happened
I Went Vegan for One Year to Manage Heart Disease–Here’s What Happened

Healthy Vegan Recipes

Cherry Smoothie
The combination of oat milk, vanilla extract and sweet cherries makes this recipe taste like a cherry pie smoothie. Add a bit of brown sugar boosts that nostalgia even more.
Coconut Blueberry Smoothie
Give your blueberry smoothie a tropical update with the rich flavors of coconut milk and cream. Freshly squeezed orange juice lends bright flavor to this healthy smoothie recipe, but if you're short on time, bottled will work just fine.
Whipped Frozen Pink Lemonade
Feeling in the pink? It's berry easy to bring a blush to your cheeks when you whip up this creamy frozen pink lemonade made with frozen strawberries. It's the perfect balance of tangy and sweet--a better-for-you indulgence that you can whip up quickly with homemade lemon simple syrup. Use your favorite neutral-flavored nondairy milk in this vegan treat, though almond milk and other nut milks will add a stronger nutty flavor than coconut milk or oat milk.
Frozen Rainbow Margaritas
Celebrate Pride Month--or any other occasion that calls for rainbows--with these vibrant, tropical-flavored frozen margaritas! This four-layer fruity cocktail uses only natural ingredients and colors, including a quick infusion made with dried butterfly pea flowers that makes for a dramatic pop of blue. This rainbow margarita is bright and citrusy, with dominant flavors of strawberry and pineapple. Feel free to use fresh or frozen fruit in these pretty margs.
Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce
To avoid a watery sauce, choose tomatoes that are fleshy and have few seeds. Romas (aka plum tomatoes) fit the bill, but there are plenty of heirlooms with a similar flesh-to-seed ratio. The addition of cherry tomatoes brings a burst of sweetness to the dish.
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