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July 24, 2009 (All day)

Last summer my husband and I were talking and he casually mentioned that the hillside at his dad’s cabin, a mere 30 minutes from our apartment, was covered in raspberry bushes. I don’t know what was worse—that he waited 5 years to tell me or that I never noticed that they were there.

That afternoon I hightailed it to the raspberry haven, dressed in long sleeves (those raspberry bushes are thorny!), and picked my heart out. In the days that followed, we ate raspberries—with pork chops, in salads, bars and spoonbread.

Here are my favorite raspberry recipes so you can have your own raspberry fest. Even if you are just picking the raspberries up at the store, these dishes will be equally delicious. (Love other berries too?...

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July 23, 2009 - 11:00am

The other day we needed cabbage for a photo shoot here at EatingWell. We bought a few heads at the grocery store and I picked some from my mom’s garden. (Here’s me with a head of Napa cabbage.)

The difference between the store-bought cabbage and the garden heads was striking. Here’s a shot of two heads of Savoy:

Not hard to tell which one was from the garden, right? Of course, the big beautiful one. That garden cabbage was so gorgeous and massive that when my co-workers saw it sitting in the Test Kitchen, they rushed in to check it out. The excitement got me thinking about my favorite cabbage recipes. I was so inspired that I went home with a...

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July 22, 2009 (All day)

If you’re like me, when you first start working toward a goal, such as weight loss, you're motivated. The pounds come off easily; you’re meticulous about exercising and watching what you eat. But, eventually, your rate of weight loss slows and then… stops. Don’t worry—this is not the beginning of the end! It’s the beginning of the second phase of your weight-loss journey.

Don't give up now! Try these secrets to kick-start your diet.

Fill up on less. Loading up on high-fiber foods like vegetables can help you feel full and prevent you from overdoing it on higher-calorie fare later. Satisfying...

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July 21, 2009 (All day)

I’ve been pretty busy this summer and I’m happy to report that the one thing that hasn’t suffered at home are my healthy home-cooked dinners. My secret? Some ultra-quick dinner recipes and a little bit of planning. I can be out and about all day and still have dinner on the table in 20 minutes or less.

Here’s my system: At the beginning of each week I shop for meats and seafood, such as salmon and chicken tenders, that I can cook quickly. I use those up at the beginning of the week with vegetables that come presliced or are easy to chop up. Later in the week, I rely on pantry items, such as pasta, beans and a few spices, for ultra-quick dinners that are done—start to finish—in 20 minutes or less every time.

Here are five of my...

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July 20, 2009 - 4:36am

Are these summer-food myths fact or fiction? Take our quiz to find out how food-smart you are and get delicious summer recipes!

True or False? Garlic wards off mosquitoes.
False. Researchers at the University of Connecticut tested the theory. It didn’t work, but maybe because the participants didn’t eat enough, say the scientists. Eat more with these 20+ amazing garlic recipes.

True or False? Watermelon isn’t very nutritious; it’s all water!
False. Watermelon is mostly water: 92 percent. But it also has its share of nutrients. One cup of watermelon provides good amounts of vitamin C and red watermelon contains lycopene, an antioxidant that’s associated with reduced risk for certain types of...

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