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August 19, 2010 - 11:23am

When my husband travels for business I don’t have much fun in putting a homemade dinner on the table for one—and then there are all the dishes that I have do…myself! Instead, I “make” a lot of quick, half-homemade dinners. My go-to is a premade, packaged veggie burger and a vegetable side dish or two.

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August 18, 2010 - 11:48am

When it comes to lunch, not much has changed since I was a kid—even at age 34, I’m still envious when a co-worker pulls out a treat that I wish I had in my lunch bag! Whether you’re packing a lunch for the kids or brown-bagging it at work, it’s always nice to include a little treat.

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I like to make these easy, healthy homemade fruit bars on Sunday afternoons. This recipe makes a nice-size batch and holds well for up to 5 days, so I can put them in my lunchbox all week as a special treat. And whether you...

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August 17, 2010 - 11:38am

I have a love/hate relationship with “superfoods.” What I love about them is that they’re multi-taskers—brimming with various disease-fighting nutrients, usually without providing too many calories, and delivered in a delicious form (think: blueberries).

What I dislike is that some foods deemed “super” are exotic (ahem, the goji berry?!) or something—like, say, sardines—that you’d only have once in a while. Healthy? Yes. Would you eat them every day? Probably not.

With all the other healthy-eating recommendations we need to remember (eat fish twice a week; replace half your grains with whole grains), I don’t want to have to remember a list of eat-this-once-a-week or once-a-month foods.

So, I’m keeping it simple: here are 10 easy-to-eat, easy-to-find, everyday...

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August 16, 2010 - 11:02am

I’m always baffled when people tell me that they never cook. Eating is a necessity, so cooking something at least once in a while shouldn’t be too far behind, right?

Maybe it’s not fair to judge, since I cook for a living. Even after a day in the EatingWell Test Kitchen developing recipes, I’ll often go home and cook dinner.

I know it’s hard to embark on new things, but cooking good healthy meals for yourself or your family isn’t that hard. For all you noncookers out there, I encourage you to try at least one of the recipes below. I’ve selected them to combat the different reasons you might not be cooking, but all are good for kitchen newbies.  Bon appetit!

Reason 1: You don’t like to cook.
Solution: Make...

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August 13, 2010 - 11:05am

I’m a snacker, especially at work. When my mind is working hard, my stomach inevitably starts grumbling. While snacking can help me get in all the nutrients I need and curb my hunger so that I don’t eat too much at the next meal, I’m careful not to engage in too much mindless munching so I don’t end up eating too many calories over the course of a day.

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When I do need a snack, I want to make sure I have something healthy on hand so I don’t end up reaching for junk. The other EatingWell editors and I came up with the following list of healthy snacks you can keep in your desk.

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