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September 13, 2012 - 11:29am

We know you love chicken breast. The challenge is keeping your repertoire for this popular ingredient fresh and exciting. We’ve got you covered with delicious recipes (and helpful tips) that will keep the love alive.

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Everyone saw “The Avengers” this summer, right? I really enjoyed the movie and, as I always do, I stayed to watch all the credits. Not everyone does that—but for those of us who do, this time there was a real payoff. At the very end, there is a wordless scene of all the exhausted superheroes chowing down on shawarma, a Middle Eastern sandwich made with sliced seasoned meat. Watching that scene, you can just taste how great it is—and if you don...

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September 5, 2012 - 1:21pm

Kneesocks and plaid skirts—that’s what “back to school” conjures up for me at this time of year. Then, after I reflect on how glad I am that that look is behind me (plaid’s really not my color), what lingers is the itch to learn something new. This fall, learn how easy it can be to make dinner for four in 20 minutes—even if you’re an elementary cook (like me).

Use our easy lesson plan to make 20-minute dinners for your busy week. The curriculum starts with geography and ends with math. Geography class is a 15-minute flyover to map the contours of ...

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August 27, 2012 - 12:22pm

During the hot summer weather (and let’s face it—even the end of August can be pretty hot), who wants to make dinner in a hot oven?  Still, sometimes I get a hankering for lasagna, no matter what the weather. I just want it to magically appear for dinner, without all the boiling and baking usually required.

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Poof! The EatingWell Test Kitchen has granted my wish by creating this vegetarian lasagna recipe I can make in my slow cooker. No hot oven! I don’t even have to boil the noodles. Summertime and the layering is easy.

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August 20, 2012 - 12:36pm

Freedom! Freedom from fuss. Freedom from extra work. Freedom from complicated cooking. That’s what summer means and that’s what summer suppers demand.

What we have here is the freedom to act like a guest in your own kitchen and just drop in for a few minutes. When I’m thinking about what to make for supper on a broiling-hot day, I gravitate toward a salad full of flavorful summer produce—our Vegetarian Taco Salad, perhaps (pictured), featuring fresh corn and ripe tomatoes. With a chop-chop here and a little assembly there, dinner for 6 is ready in 40 minutes.

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August 15, 2012 - 12:52pm

Bananas are one of the most commonly eaten fresh fruits: the average American consumes about 30 pounds of bananas per year! However, if you’re like me, the enjoyment that comes from eating a perfectly ripe banana is rare—it seems that as soon as I get them home from the grocery store, they are already turning brown. If Americans are eating that many bananas a year, I don’t even want to imagine how many pounds are being thrown away because we’ve let them go pass their prime.

Never waste a banana again! This fruit is actually pretty darned versatile and can star in everything from banana bread to more adventurous concoctions like banana-corn fritters. (And don’t miss these 4 tricks for the best banana bread from the EatingWell Test Kitchen....

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