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We have an open-door policy when it comes to Thanksgiving: we welcome in anyone who turns up. Especially this year, when the wild fall weather has made travel planning difficult and unpredictable, chances are a lot more people will be staying closer to home. Their last-minute plans mean I’ll want to cook a big turkey, to make sure we have enough. Chances are good that I’ll go overboard (Thanksgiving math always trips me up—is it 20 ounces per person or 20 minutes per pound?) and that means leftovers.

Good—I love leftovers. They call for creativity and resourcefulness so it doesn’t taste like you’re eating the same thing night after night. Here are 5 dinner recipes that use leftover turkey in deliciously new, healthy ways.


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An invitation to dinner is just about all the appetizer I need—I’m so happy to have someone feed me that I’m not fussy about what’s on the menu. But if, when I arrive, there are little nibbles to start things off, it’s a delightful bonus. Appetizers really take gatherings up a notch, showing an attention to detail I appreciate.

And hors d’oeuvres don’t have to add a lot of time to your meal prep—here I’ve picked 5 no-cook appetizers that are practically ready in an instant. There’s at least one thing these 5 easy appetizer recipes have in common: an instant (read: store-bought) foundation. The part you make rests on a tasty cracker, chip or toasted baguette you buy. Think of that box of fancy crackers as a lifeboat full of party-savers. You can top the crackers with just about anything and...

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Chicken potpie is the epitome of comfort food for me. I think fondly of the frozen chicken potpies I would eat as a kid when Mom and Dad went out for the evening and our babysitter needed something easy to feed my sisters and me. I haven’t had one of those in years, but I still remember the long wait for it to bake! The finger-burning spot between the edge of the crust and the little aluminum pan when you quickly grabbed it to flip the whole thing over onto your plate. The steam escaping when you punctured the bottom crust with your fork, and the tongue-burning first bite because you just couldn’t wait another minute. Crust! Gravy! Perfect little squares of chicken, potato and carrots!

OK, nostalgic interlude over. “Chicken potpie” still sounds comforting, only now I require more nutritional wholesomeness from my food and more...

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On a late-fall afternoon, as the little light of the day leaks out through the darkening clouds, one of my favorite things to do is to warm things up inside by baking. When my kids were little it was one of those activities that made me feel like a good mom (especially when I reminded myself not to freak out about flour showers and random bits of eggshell). When I have apples (or pumpkin, squash, zucchini, bananas…) lingering on the counter, I am inspired to bake.

But how often have you been in the mood to bake a loaf of quick bread or batch of muffins, only to be stopped in your tracks by the multiple sticks of butter called for in many recipes? What’s the point of taking one of the healthiest foods of the season so suited for muffinhood and turning it into a saturated-fat delivery vehicle? I’ve found some EatingWell recipes to...

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We went apple picking on Saturday and got a little carried away. It was a day that captured the essence of Autumn in New England: that “snap” in the air that puts color in your cheeks; the reds, oranges and yellows of fall foliage just like in a picture postcard; and apple trees weighed down with deep red, ready-to-pick fruit. We just meant to pick a few…and now we have so many apples we hardly know what to do with them all.
Somebody had the bright idea of making a whole dinner featuring our apple haul, to really celebrate fall. So when Sunday turned out to be cool and rainy and just right for cooking, we decided to prepare an apple-centric feast. Here’s the menu.

We’ll begin with a cup of Curried...

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