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Think you don't have time to cook a healthy vegetarian dinner?

By Jessie Price, May 11, 2011 - 11:39am

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Forget all this chatter about how it's hard to cook dinner, especially a vegetarian dinner. Erin posted earlier this week in this group saying that it's easy to think of a piece of chicken, a side of broccoli and rice as dinner. And that it's harder to come up with vegetarian dinner ideas. She's right. But once you do a little reimagining of what dinner can be, you'll realize there are tons of options out there, from frittatas to a hearty bowl of soup, to a big salad with lots of veggies and beans. My favorite answer when I'm pressed for time, but I still want a healthy home-cooked dinner: a sandwich or wrap. I make a quick green salad, oven fries or roasted vegetables to go with it and I'm set. Here's a collection of healthy, easy vegetarian wraps and sandwiches that will get you on the track to rethinking what dinner is.

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Jessie Price
Jessie Price is the editor-in-chief of EatingWell magazine. Besides her work on 11 other EatingWell books, she is the author of the James Beard Award-winning The Simple Art of EatingWell and EatingWell One-Pot Meals. She lives in Charlotte, Vermont where she stays busy growing her own vegetables in the summer and tracking down great Vermont food products when she’s not working.

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