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No holiday cookie platter is complete without gingerbread cookies. I love them because they’re simple, delicious and fun to make. But not every gingerbread cookie is created equal. Of course you want to offer your friends and family the best possible cookie. So here are a few tips to help you create the perfect gingerbread cookies:

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1) Lighten Them Up—It’s easy to make gingerbread cookies healthier thanks to the bold flavor they get from molasses...

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When the holiday season rolls around I eagerly break out my mixer and rolling pin and pump out tons of cookies. They’re not just for me—I send them all over the country to my friends and relatives as gifts.
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But this whole baking extravaganza means that before they hit the post office I have tons of cookies lingering around my house. Since I care about my family’s health (and my own), I’ve gotten savvier about making cookies that are better for you. Here are some tricks of the trade for making healthier Christmas cookies:

Tip 1: Cut Back on Butter
Butter is a popular ingredient when it comes to cookies, but we all know by...

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Hard-boiled eggs seem simple, but they’re one of the hardest things to cook—or to cook right, anyway. I know it sounds hard to believe, but they’re ridiculously easy to screw up.

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Think about the last hard-boiled egg you had. Chances are it wasn’t perfect. Maybe it had a rubbery texture. Maybe the yolk was a little green around the edges or the egg white was filled with pockmarks from the shell sticking to the surface of the white when it was peeled. Maybe it broke open while it was cooking. Maybe it smelled like sulfur. You probably ate it anyway—it’s not the end of the world—but a perfectly cooked hard-boiled egg is a treat. How do you...

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Traditionally topped with marshmallows and containing upwards of a stick of butter, sweet potato casserole is one decadent side dish that can become too decadent in a hurry. I want to indulge, but not at that fat- and calorie-laden price. I think EatingWell’s healthy sweet potato casserole is even more delicious than traditional sweet potato casserole recipes and will leave me room for pumpkin pie too. Read on to find out our 4 secrets for making healthier sweet potato casserole.

Traditional Sweet Potato Casserole
• 460 calories
• 16 g fat
• 4.5 g saturated fat
• 3 g fiber
• 270 mg sodium

EatingWell Sweet Potato Casserole
• 242 calories
• 10 g fat
• 2 g saturated fat
• 4 g fiber

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For the past couple of years, we’ve grilled our turkey outside on our charcoal grill. I love the subtle smokiness of the meat and I love the way it frees up space in the oven. But there is one downfall. The gravy suffers. Why? The secret to the perfect gravy (flavor-wise) is those delicious brown caramelized bits you get at the bottom of the roasting pan. And you can really only achieve those if you roast your bird in the oven.

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So I’m dedicating this Thanksgiving to gravy. I’m skipping the grill and roasting my bird the old-fashioned way so I can slather everything on my plate with the richest, most amazing gravy ever.


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