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How to make perfect potatoes 5 ways

By Matthew Thompson, March 21, 2012 - 10:54am

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Matthew asks: What’s your favorite way to cook potatoes?


just boiling them in crab boil


03/28/2012 - 10:22am

Upon my wife passing I had to do cooking, I found that the micro-wave is the fastest way to do it.So: Thru trial & error, I made up a chart to ccok potatoes By WEIGHT ! 3 oz. = 2 mins.- 5 0z. = 3 mins.
8 oz. = 5 mins. Remove from oven. Use paring knife & quarter. Use fork to stab potato to hold it, then peel off skin, (or cut up in many pieces w/ skin on if U. like), then mash as usual. Now. If the potato is to hard?soft: You'll learn that it should have been cooked at a little less or a little more than what U. had cooked it at. I have found that w/ my 1100 setting, the potato is not to hard to mash or to 'rubbery' to mash. I buy A bag each, of frozen - loose, corn & green peas. Use one or other & place to your liking, in in a metal kettle, in boiling water on stovetop to cook.I have no set time for these. Trial ! I have a George Forman type hamburg cooker on counter top that is cooking a patty in it ! That does a meal for 1 in a very short time w/ not many dishes to wash ! ! Another quick recipe is: 1/2 cup of min. oats in a bowl that you'd eat cereal out of. Add 1 cup milk & cook 2 mins. in the 'nuker'. That's a 1/2 - 1 - 2 system
Rinse bowl out when done eating. Easily done. Make up your own micro wave cook book. It's fun ! !
Old 'Roland' here.


03/28/2012 - 11:42am

EASY Microwaved baked potato:
1. I wash then paper towel dry.
2. Rub with either butter, margarine, or oil - each works fine to keep the skin soft (same if going in oven).
3. Microwave on standard for 10 to 12 minutes for 1 or 2 potatoes.
Piercing with fork will speed up cooking time.


03/28/2012 - 2:19pm

You forgot the most important way to fix potatoes and other vegetables to retain the most nutrients and flavor: STEAM them! And then use the liquid for soup stock. When you are done steaming, pour some extra-virgin olive oil on them, and then add your favorite spices, like onion and garlic powder(not salt).


03/28/2012 - 8:52pm

i like french fries and boiled potatoes in parathas


03/29/2012 - 4:17am

potatoe salad....peel n dice potatoes,boil in salted water untill cooked.drain n cool potatoes,dice vegetables of coice eg carrots,green pepper,peas,or whatever, boil vegetables slightly n drain.combine vegetables with cooled diced potatoes and add a dash of mayonaisse....sorry forgot u can also add mashed hard boiled eggs.....ummm yommmy yommmy.carol.lagos nigeria


03/29/2012 - 8:52am

Your way to cook baked is not the best for best result in oven. If you pierce before baking, it lets out too much moisture. After many years and lots of experiments, the best method I have found is this: Scrub outside of good sized grade a russet (Idaho) potato with brush under warm water to remove all dirt or residue; let dry; brush with light coating of butter; oil could be used; bake at 400 degrees for one hour if at elevation of 4000 feet; adjust time for elevation; half way through cooking cycle, prick each side twice with fork to let moisture escape during last of cycle. Do not over cook.Result is perfect. I prefer to eat with skin on. It is crunchy, tasty and full of nutrients.

For microwave: do not oil, prick at start of cycle, wrap well in paper towel while still moist from washing and again do not over cook. The skin is not nearly as tasty as in oven, but is still very edible. Also, the inside is not as flaky, so I prefer oven when time allows.


03/29/2012 - 9:24am

Microwaved potatoes are horrid! Bake them in a hot oven for crisp skin!


03/29/2012 - 11:05pm

I think those oven chips & roast potatoes look like they contain a lot of acrylamide.


06/03/2012 - 12:56pm

My favorite way to cook potatoes is in a mashed potatoes


10/14/2012 - 2:31pm

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