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How to Make Healthy Green Bean Casserole

By Matthew Thompson, November 17, 2011 - 9:00am

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Q: “How can I make a healthier green bean casserole?”

A: Whatever your thoughts on Campbell’s Soup, you have to respect their Green Bean Casserole recipe. Developed by their home economics department in 1955 as a way to boost mushroom soup sales, the dish has turned into an all-time American holiday classic. We had it in my house growing up—I remember it as the first veggie dish I ever asked for seconds of.

But for all my warm memories of Green Bean Casserole, its nutrition profile leaves me a little cold. It packs in 21 g of fat, 276 calories and 649 mg of sodium per serving. Yikes! In a meal laden with nutritional splurge foods, shouldn’t the veggie at least aspire to healthiness?

That’s why I love EatingWell’s slimmed-down version of Green Bean Casserole. It cuts the calories of the classic dish by a quarter, slashes the fat in half (and the saturated fat by 80%!) and drops the sodium. Even better: it’s just as easy to make and as delicious to eat as the original we all remember!

Learn how we slimmed down Green Bean Casserole here.

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