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3 Great Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Cook, Eat and Drink

By Stacy Fraser, November 18, 2013 - 3:33pm

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This holiday, skip sugary treats or high-calorie indulgences and give the food lovers on your list one of these stand-out gifts:

For the Cook For the Cook:
As versatile as they are gorgeous, unique French Paddle boards are each one of a kind and built to last a lifetime. Use as a cutting board, serving board or both. Select from 3 sizes and 4 types of wood. Starting at $63:

For the Fruit Fanatic For the Fruit Fanatic:
Very sweet and always juicy with a scarlet pink interior, Texas-grown Rio Star grapefruits are available just a few months a year and special enough to give as a gift. Shipping begins in early to mid-November. Send 7-9 organic Rio Star grapefruits for $39 (including shipping):

For the Wine Drinker For the Wine Drinker:
The CapaBunga system keeps an open bottle of wine fresh longer than just a recorked bottle. Spray a little inert gas (a combo of argon, nitrogen and carbon dioxide) into the bottle and seal it with one of the caps included with the kit. The gas slows down the oxidation process, preserving the flavor for at least a month. Get the Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit (1 canister, 3 silicon caps) for $24:

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Stacy Fraser
Stacy Fraser is Test Kitchen manager at EatingWell. With a background in ecological agriculture and many past growing seasons under her belt, Stacy began her study of food in the field, literally. Before joining the crew at EatingWell, Stacy managed the kitchen of breakfast and lunch hot spot Penny Cluse, in downtown Burlington, Vermont, where she learned how to make simple, delicious food from fresh ingredients.

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