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What the Gulf oil spill means for your dinner

By Lisa Gosselin, June 15, 2010 - 11:50am

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Lisa asks: What angers you most about the Gulf oil spill?


To many mistakes, from BP to our Government who was suppose to be keeping the oil companies in check.... where were they? Maybe we should investigate the pockets of the inspectors and the Federal
Offices that looked the other way. They were suppose to be doing the inspection of how safe was the oil companies do their job, after all that is what we pay them for. I haven't heard to much about about their part in all of this, Oh! yes we are talking about the governments part in all of this. Mr. Obama where were you in the early days of this oil spill, maybe I will be bold enough to say was he out to lunch having "shrimp gumbo"! This happen on your watch, Sir.

Again the lives of our children will be affected and they will have to pay the cost in the long haul. I believe that we the people trust our government way too much (To much government to watch?) and we end up paying. (not just money but our life though the stress this will place on the whole country) If you have never seen the Gulf you will never know the wonder of how much it has and will continuous to affect our lives.

Now, our government goes over board and closes the oil rigs in the Gulf so that thousands more people will be without jobs and the lost of these jobs will affect all of us. What are they thinking about? Maybe how to save themselves. Yes, I really blame the Government for not doing their job and that is staying on top of the Oil Companies.

The people will rise up and make this disaster work for us. The Gulf is a place that will alway be beauitful and full of wonder.... it will just take time


06/20/2010 - 8:40am

What angers me: feeling so helpless and knowing that those who will suffer most are the animals living in those waters. All because of carelessness.


06/15/2010 - 1:16pm

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