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The new zero-calorie sweetener--is it safe?

By Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., August 31, 2009 - 12:56pm

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Brierley asks: Tell us why you do--or don't--use artificial sweeteners.


try Xylitol or Xylo Sweet proven cavity fighter, no aftertaste, no gmo, comes in resealable bulk or individual packs and is great to bake with. i use it all the time and can find no negatives.

bigcat808, Honolulu, HI


09/02/2009 - 9:48am

Wish I liked Stevia, but I don't like the taste of it any better than I like the taste of Saccharin or Nutrasweet. And I have to doubt that it is any better for you than any of the other faux-sugars. Ultimately, much as I hate to admit it, either abstinence or out and out moderation in eating sugars is probably the best policy. . . But sugary foods are sooo great! Sigh. . .

Cynthia Farr-Weinfeld, Portland, Ma


09/02/2009 - 9:48am

I have been using the "dietary supplement" form of stevia as a sweetener for years. It is a natural plant extract & safer than any of the approved sweeteners by the FDA. Thousands of years of use on humans must not be enough evidence for some people to be convinced of safety. I'm glad that these companies are submitting the studies to get it allowed to be used in commercial preparations as some countries have been doing for years. Perhaps, that "diet" soda one day will actually NOT contain the poison of the artificial sweetener used today. On the contrary it may offer some benefit of a fibrous plant extract!!



09/02/2009 - 9:47am

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