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The #1 food you should eat (and probably don't)

By Hilary Meyer, April 16, 2010 - 2:17pm

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Hilary asks: Do you like sardines? If you do, what are your favorite ways to eat them?


Hi Hillary,
I know this thread is old, but i wanted to share my thoughts. I like to hike in my beloved Great Smoky Mts. and other local parks. Bicycling through them where I can too. One of the items I love to take is a tin of sardines. With that, I'll carry a container of crackers, a small brick of cheese, a little jar of stone ground mustard. And I'll carry some carrot sticks, celery sticks, a banana and an apple or pear for the afternoon outing. I love the smoked boneless skinless fillets on a cracker with a slice of smoky cheddar cheese, a good smear of gritty 'kickin' mustard. Take a bite of that and then a bite of green onion with it.
That's a good combo. Try the smoked sardines in maple syrup from Bay Harbor. Very tasty indeed!


09/03/2013 - 6:21am

I like to buy the ones in olive oil and chilli
And put it together with tomato salad, red onions
Avocado, purple olives,
Or a jacket potato with olive oil drizzled on top
Cracked rock salt and black pepper :-P yummy


08/19/2013 - 9:00am

I like the ones in soybean oil but also the ones in mustard sauce. I take the little jewels out of the can and mustard sauce and put them on toast then add extra mustard for a fun delicious sandwich! Side of kettle potato chips and voila!


07/23/2013 - 12:00am

On soda crackers with thin slices of onion and dill pickles on the side washed down with an icy cold ale.But the sardines must be the kind packed in olive oil, and spinkled with hot sauce Mmmmmm.


07/21/2013 - 4:36pm

On saltin cracker.


07/14/2013 - 5:16pm

On two pieces of.fresh white bread topped with a little onion. Be sure to pour the remaining olive pin in the can on top. It is the best.


07/10/2013 - 7:53pm

This is a great blog!

I thought I was the only one who actually made a greek salad and mixed in a few sardines. I love sardines out of a can aswell, usually in tomato sauce or tomato sauce with spicy chili. With some toast or crackers, a dab of olive oil, and a raw, diced onion for a little kick on occasion.

Fresh pan fried sardines (the ones from Portugal) are simply amazing! Frozen will do just fine when fresh can`t be had.


07/07/2013 - 10:59pm

With salty crackers, me and my kids love'em.


07/05/2013 - 5:15pm

I like the canned one, I makers a sandwich with lots of garlic


06/30/2013 - 11:59pm

Just on crackers. Yum


06/29/2013 - 9:26pm

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