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The #1 food you should eat (and probably don't)

By Hilary Meyer, April 16, 2010 - 2:17pm

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Hilary asks: Do you like sardines? If you do, what are your favorite ways to eat them?


Love them,

Was born in northwestern Spain where seafood its a way of life. Like to eat them right out of the can with a little fresh onion, Olive oil, vinegar and salt.
On a Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese type crusty sandwich bread with some olive oil.. I'm hungry! How about fresh sardines on the barbecue topped with some rock sea salt then eat them with some fresh bread and red wine.. Oh man they are delicious got to run to the fish market now.


09/26/2010 - 10:24pm

Yes, I do LOVE sardines, and prefer to eat them in Sardine Sandwiches and Sardine Sambal Tumis(Sardine Cooked With Chilim Powder With Tamarind Juice)


09/26/2010 - 10:05pm

mixed the sardines and egg..then fried them


09/26/2010 - 10:00pm

As Asian- American, I eat my sardines on rice with diced tomatoes, onions salsa top with soy sauce.
Sautee sardines onion, garlic and tomatoes dash of salt and pepper served with white rice.


09/26/2010 - 9:52pm

I open a can of sardines and put them in a bowl with vinegar and different types of mustard each time. This adds flavor and also, I use saltines crackers with this. This makes a super night snack and is healthy for you.


09/26/2010 - 6:39pm

Gosh, I hope this doesn't cause the cost of sardines to skyrocket!! I never even thought about them as a health food, but I'm reading everyone's suggestions. Some are intriguing; I turn my nose up at some, but - hey! - that's life. Thanks everyone!! Barb K., Wilmington, DE USA


09/26/2010 - 6:33pm

On a cracker with a slice of habanero cheese and "Jamaican Hell Fire Doc's special" sprinkled on top. Then just stuff the whole thing in your mouth. MMMMMMMmmmmmmm


09/26/2010 - 5:58pm

I llike sardines in tomato sauce on a cracker with a few slivers of green onion. yumm.
J thompson mexico


09/26/2010 - 5:57pm

A sardine sandwich is a food my Dad enjoyed growing up during the Depression and I have loved that for as long as I can remember. Toasted rye bread, butter, sardines and red onion. Sprinkle some lemon juice on the bread and sardines. Great stuff.


09/26/2010 - 5:54pm

this is how i cook my sardines: cut up onions, skallions, red, green and yellow bell peppers, tomatoes and sautee in olive oil for a few minutes then add the sardines with a sprinking of goya all purpose seasoning...mmmm delicious!


09/26/2010 - 5:39pm

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