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How to Buy a Veggie Burger

By Lisa D'Agrosa, M.S., R.D., July 23, 2014 - 1:06pm

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This vegetarian mainstay of the grilling season is certainly convenient. But are frozen veggie burgers as healthy as they seem? Most are low in calories and have at least 3 grams of fiber. Yet they’re not all so innocent. We recommend looking for veggie burgers with 400 mg of sodium or less and at least 5 grams of protein per patty.

You can also try making a healthier option with one of our healthy veggie burger recipes.

Brands We Like: We sampled a variety of burgers and flavors to find ones that topped out on taste and health. Three of our favorites were: Sol Spicy Black Bean (vegan, gluten-free), Amy’s Bistro Veggie Burger (gluten-free) and Morningstar Farms Mediterranean Chickpea.

Check the Ingredient List: Some brands have a long list of ingredients that you wouldn’t find in a homemade version. For the cleanest burger, look for one with ingredients you recognize.

Be Sodium Savvy: Many veggie burgers can boast 500 mg of sodium. Sandwich your burger in a bun and top it with classics like ketchup, cheese and pickles and you’re looking at half a day’s worth of sodium.

Get Your Protein: When you opt for a veggie burger over meat, it’s typically the main source of protein at your meal. Look for one with at least 5 grams of protein (10% of the recommended daily value). Most burgers get their protein from beans and soy (often listed as textured vegetable protein).

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Lisa D'Agrosa, M.S., R.D.
Lisa D’Agrosa is EatingWell’s digital nutrition & news editor. She is a Registered Dietitian and completed her master’s degree in Nutrition Communication at Tufts University. She loves tasting all the recipes from the Test Kitchen and geeking out over nutrition science. @LisaDAgrosa

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