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Eat a power salad to fuel your day

By Jessie Price, March 27, 2009 - 4:36am

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I’m really into salads. I don’t mean I like to eat them a lot. I mean I’m totally salad-crazed to the point where it’s a little embarrassing. Most days I bring a salad for lunch. I toss it with dressing in a big bowl and then I try and put it on a plate. But inevitably my salad is so large that it’s hanging off the plate and I’m losing lettuce off the side as I go sit down to eat.

Around the EatingWell Test Kitchen, when we decide on serving sizes for our salad recipes, we often judge them on whether they’re a “Jessie-sized portion” (falling-off-the-plate) or a normal portion. We usually come up with a reasonable compromise that’s plenty generous and will fill you up. To me the fact that you can have a big delicious serving of salad without going overboard in terms of calories is awesome. I don’t like to feel I have to eat a skimpy, wimpy little serving in order to watch my weight. And salads are perfect for that. (Check out the video I did with Nicci, our nutrition editor, on ways you can eat more and lose weight.)

One of the ways I make a salad substantial enough for a meal is to add a little protein, such as some lean meat, eggs, beans or shrimp, like in this tasty Green Goddess Salad recipe.

Here are three more of my favorite salads that are filling enough to be a main course:

Do you like to eat salad as a main course? Tell us what you think below.

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Jessie Price
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Jessie asks: Do you like to eat salad as a main course?

Tell us what you think:

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