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5 tips to keep your blood sugar in check

By Kerri-Ann Jennings, June 13, 2011 - 11:52am

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Kerri-Ann asks: What's your best tip for keeping your blood sugar in check?


Ok if you see two comments from me based on the same topic, I am new here. I thought I left my comment already. I am 45 years old and I weigh 117 pounds. My issue is I'm hypoglycemic. It took years of getting sick, to find out I need to eat every three hours without question. I've naturally eaten small meals my entire life. As I got older, I discovered that is a plus for me. However, eaten foods to keep my levels at a normal range is what I struggle with. I don't want to grab sugary foods. I know that isn't the best choice. I don't eat chicken, pork or beef. Occasionally my only food that consist of meat is turkey and fish. I try to eat less meat as possible. It's not good for my body as well. lately I've been eating a lot of veggies and fresh fruit. I eat nuts occasionally after finding out too many can cause a breakout in my skin. Thats another subject.

My concern is finding healthy snacks that aren't loaded with sugar, to keep in my purse. Sometimes I keep peanut butter crackers in my purse, peanuts, or an apple or banana. i need more snack choices. I would appreciate any suggestions.


02/24/2014 - 10:07am

I am 117 pounds and have to eat every three hours. I hoped to find a blog regarding keeping the blood sugar leveled. I am not diabetic, but my blood sugar drops and sometimes I feel like I'm going to blackout or faint..if you will. It drops to around 70 and it makes me feel sick. In the past I didn't know what was going on. Later I was under the influence that I needed sugar. However, through research on the web, I discovered that sugar ( refined sugar) makes it worse. I joined this site in hopes of tips on the best foods to eat for my situation. Most often if I eat some starchy and make sure I'm eating every three hours, normally there isn't problem. My concern is eating what is best for me longterm.


02/24/2014 - 9:49am

Is watercress good to lower blood sugar?


06/17/2013 - 11:53am

Onions! Incredible. Onions will help regulate blood sugar.Not sure if raw or cooked are better,but saute' a few as a side dish or add to your meal and it will lower blood sugar.


10/18/2012 - 10:31am

I'm hyPOglycemic. Have been since I was diagnosed after my second child was born almost 30yrs ago. I weighed 120-125lbs and had a low BP of 90/60. I had issues with anemia until menopause (haven't had a period in over a year now) and up until I was 38 or so (after three births, the last at 32), I'd always maintained my at 125-132. After that, a sedentary lifestyle and depression (divorce, bad relationships) boosted my weight up to where it is now...175-183...only 7-10lbs less that what I weighed before I gave birth to my first child over 31yrs ago.
It's not easy to find websites that are strictly for hypoglycemics. I understand the concern with diabetes (lost an ex-boyfriend two years ago to diabetic symptoms), but I'd like to share with other hypoglycemics. Any recommendations?
Because it's recommended that hypoglycemics eat at least 5-6 'small' meals each day to keep our blood sugar level, it's not easy to find tasty, healthy and satisfying 'snacks'. There are days when I just get too busy and forget to eat. Now I set my iPhone alarms to remind me to eat.
A cup of cinnamon tea and some crackers with thin slices of cheese is my current rage now. A hard boiled egg with a couple of dashes of hot sauce between my morning 'meal' and my afternoon 'meal' and an ice cream scoop of cottage cheese with a handful of fresh berries is my snack an hour before bed. Chopped chicken thighs wrapped in corn tortillas with corn salsa, broiled talapia with a pasta primavera (olive oil and chopped veggies)...a glass of wine with dinner.


07/30/2012 - 7:36pm

does stress contributes to high blood sugar


12/02/2011 - 7:52pm

Drink a least 5 glasses of water per day. When you take medication , the water will help flus out the excess sugar. Water will also keep your kidneys from working to hard. Eat plenty of fruit like apple and bannas.


11/14/2011 - 8:19am

I have found by eating whole fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods my BS has gotten spot on and my A1C has been around 5.5 the upside by making that Change I have also lost 36 pounds in the last 6 weeks even though I have not increased the exercise I have been doing and I have tried losing weight for the last 2 years with exercise and changed eating habits but until I went to mostly whole fruits and vegetables the weight would not come off


06/13/2011 - 12:40pm

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