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5 summer health myths busted

By Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., July 19, 2012 - 10:50am

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Brierley asks: Were any of these myths a surprise to you?


I read your article in the AC Press -Weighing the pros and cons of 4 trenty diets. I think your brief review of these diets is doing a disservice. I have been very successful on the 17 Day Diet. The first phase was not strict and calories are not counted. Phase 1 allows UNLIMITED chicken, and certain types of fish, and certain vegetables. Limited amounts of eggs, two fruits, and probiotics. The only limit on this phase are starches. By the third phase the choices of healthy foods, including grains, are totally balanced and sufficient to provide key nutrients. WHAT FOOD GROUPS ARE EMLIMINATED?? You did not mention the additions that accelerate the results - 1/2 lemon in 8 oz hot water first thing in the morning, green tea, 48 oz of water, and the reason for the probiotics. I lost 12 pounds in 17 days. I was stuck on Weight Watchers. My friend lost 30 through 3 phases. We have both maintained the weight loss for over a year. We have shared this diet with others who have similar results. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU TURNED OFF BY YOUR ARTICLE WHO COULD BENEFIT FROM LIFE SAVING RESULTS? Yes, I have consulted the book at first, but now follow the general guidelines. If I gain a few pounds, they come right back off.


08/26/2012 - 8:29am


After reading some of your articles (Blogs) I think you are doing a pretty good job. Sorry if this isn’t exactly a glowing endorsement but there is just so much misinformation out there and in reading your myth busting blog I feel you are extremely close to greatness …but. Some of the things you have stated I disagree with slightly:

Item 1 – always where sunblock. You are right on target when you state we are vitamin D deficient. The problem I have is with your healthy tip. Most of it is great advice but fortified dairy is very health depleting. There has been so much research done on the negative effects of cow’s milk on the human body from the work of T. Colin Campbell and many others that I feel this is awful advice to give. Also, it has been shown that drinking fortified dairy products does little to raise D levels in the body and in fact milk tends to reduce our levels, which is the reason they started fortifying it to begin with. Second, I feel that eating salmon poses many more negatives than positives for whatever small benefit toward vitamin D there might be. This point we could debate but that is my opinion.

As a side note: We should never use sunscreens of any kind as they are very toxic. You should never place anything onto your skin that you would not put into your mouth as either way it will still end up in your bloodstream. Anyone who has tasted these products can attest to their lack of edibility. Although they do keep your skin from burning, use of these toxic chemicals could be a big contributor to skin cancer along with a poor diet.

Item 2 – Eating ice cream packs on the pounds. In this item I feel you are just completely wrong. You will never be healthy by eating bad foods. Your statement that “It’s just about eating fewer calories than you’re burning” totally negates the type of calories you are eating. If this were actually correct Americans would not be half as sick as they are. Sure if weight is the only consideration you would be right but weight is only one element of health. In order to be truly healthy you need to get a full complement of vitamins and minerals as provided by eating the proper foods designed for humans. Artificial sweets with processed sugar are not even close to providing anything usable to the human body. These foods just add to our toxic waste load which becomes a further burden to remove. Unfortunately this item is not a myth.

Item 3 –Eating Garlic will help word off mosquitoes. Garlic does a better job of warding off other humans than it does pests. Contrary to popular opinion, garlic is an irritant to the human body and has some negative effects on the brain. Fighter pilots are told not to use garlic as it can depress their reflexes. Although it is often quoted as a health food, Garlic is better classified as similar to a drug in that it can show some positive results for certain issues but also has many negative side effects. Garlic is not really needed in a healthy diet.

Item 4 – Eating raw honey will help your allergies. 90% of people’s allergy problems are caused by a poor diet. It is not so much specific foods that cause or prevent allergies it is more a problem of people accumulating too much toxic waste in their bodies to the point of being so overloaded that even the smallest thing will cause an outbreak of allergy symptoms. I used to have terrible allergies every spring but since I have switched my diet I have not had any allergy issues at all. If you follow a truly healthy diet allergies become non-existent.

Item 5 You need 8 glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration. You are totally correct on this item. The only point I will make regarding hydration is that humans should be getting 90% of their water from the foods we eat. One of the main reasons that people are so dehydrated is because they eat dry cooked foods that contain very little water. Humans were meant to eat high water content foods like fruits and vegetables (Uncooked) which have the water we need. Another thing which causes people to become dehydrated is the consuming of toxic foods. Our body’s natural reaction to encountering toxins is to try and delute them, (surround them with water) in order to make them less toxic to us. This is the primary reason people often gain a lot of water weight as they are carrying around all of these deluted toxins. It is also the reason that when people get on a healthy diet they quickly lose this water weight as their body now has the energy to deal with them.

I love reading your blog but I wish you would dig a little deeper and not rely of the usual mainstream experts. There are just too many people out there side stepping the truth because they are afraid to make people mad. It is like seeing the old child’s story “The Emperor’s new clothes” played out in real life. I applaud the fact that you are trying to get good heath info out there but if you really want to truly help you will need to dig a little deeper. I know that there is only so much you can say without alienating your advertisers but really –ice cream to help maintain weight??? You can do much better.

I think your heart is in the right place so keep up the fight.

Bill Kranker

P.S. I also loved your juicing article in the August magazine. Right on!!! But we need to talk about the whole germ and pasteurization thing.


07/27/2012 - 8:31am

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