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5 Food Myths Busted: Grocery shopping mistakes that are costing you money and quality

By Carolyn Malcoun, July 22, 2010 - 10:41am

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Carolyn asks: What food myth would you like to see busted?


Dead spinach photosynthesizes? Really?


09/26/2010 - 6:50pm

Is coffee (caffeine) harmful and does it contribute to breast cancer? Does it harm the liver?


09/26/2010 - 7:04pm

I would like to see the myth that "diet soft drinks cause obesity" busted.


09/26/2010 - 7:05pm

Thank you for the raw food info. I've never been interested in this diet but I have a friend who has made a religion of it and she preaches it to everyone. It is not enjoyable to eat with her. She talked a woman into going on a raw diet, even sent her to one of those expensive raw spas, said chemo would kill the woman. Within a short time, not having chemo, leaving the tumor and eating raw she died.


09/26/2010 - 7:45pm

Vegetables cooked in water and drained vs vegetables cooked in soup. Enzymes, etc, that leach out during cooking are retained in the broth?

Peeled vs unpeeled (washed only), i.e. carrots and potatoes. I cook unpeeled in my soups.


09/26/2010 - 9:00pm

Is it true that an onion placed under your bed will help kill cold germs?


09/26/2010 - 9:38pm

food myth? the myth that eating what I love to eat would not make me live forever like those people who always "watch" what they eat. oh! wait! those people die also, don't they!


09/27/2010 - 12:25am

During a span of a few years during our childhood, our mother insisted that we eat liver at least once a week.
Didn't like it then and still don't. Since it is still being sold in grocery stores, I would like to know if there are
any benefits to adding liver to one's diet. Thanks.


09/27/2010 - 1:03am

I would like to know if "the other white meat" is against suppose to be bad for us again?


09/27/2010 - 7:44am

I am a diabetic and use splenda . I have been told that to use this or any artifical sweeteners are very bad for you.


09/27/2010 - 7:45am

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