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3 reasons you should reach for canola oil when you’re cooking

By Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., April 6, 2010 - 11:33am

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Brierley asks: What oil do you cook with?


Is soybean oil related to reape seed too? I am allergic to anything that has soya in it and it is almost impossible to buy anything that doesn't have it. I usually just use olive oil.


04/16/2010 - 4:26am

I use cannola oil for cooking. I have never been able to develpe a taste for olive oil. I have tried many varieties and they all taste bitter to me. I use cannola oil for a base in my salad dressings,which I make homemade as I am allergic to preservatives, especially sulfites. As far as genetically altered foods, I don't see what harm there could be. I think that altering food genetically has been happening since humans first started growing their own food. Jusst my opinion, Carol in Ft. Lauderdale


04/16/2010 - 8:51am

I use mostly olive oil for cooking


04/16/2010 - 10:50am

Most often I use extra virgin olive oil, and a scant amount of unsalted butter for flavor. If you use canola oil, buy the cold expeller pressed variety (ie., Spectrum) and check out for great information on nutrition and a variety of integrative medicine topics, all based on sound scientific data. Dr. Weil directs the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine program at the University of Arizona.


04/16/2010 - 10:51am

I cook with a variety of oils, depending on what I am cooking and what flavor I want to come through (or no flavor). Mostly canola and then vegtable oils, then virgin olive oil, sesame seed, grape, peanut and a few other oils.


04/16/2010 - 1:22pm

I use canola almost entirely. I use olive oil for salads or things that can be fried without high heat


04/16/2010 - 1:30pm

I cook with olive oil. As I was watching Dr. Oz the other day, he said that canola oil was the best oil to cook with! I was so intrigued by that.. but as I was waiting for him to explain why, he didn't. So now that I know why Canola oil is the better choice to cook with, why isn't olive oil recommended? Thanks!


04/16/2010 - 2:11pm

I always use Canola Oil and Olive Oil to do all my cooking, sauteing , etc.


04/16/2010 - 2:55pm

I use canola oil happily since I learned that the information about canola made with rapeseed and coming from Canada is untrue and is one of many frauds that circulate in emails on the Internet. Extra Virgin Olive oil is another oil I use but mostly in dressings for salad or for cooking Italian dishes. Mixed with fresh pasta and herbs, smothered with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, expensive EVO oil really makes a magnificent dish! Also I have found that canola and olive oil sprays are wonderfully convenient in roasting and for baking. And on occasion, I use walnut oil, which is a terrific ingredient for a vinaigrette tossed with a variety of lettuces, ripe olive slices and whole California walnuts. Delicious!


04/16/2010 - 3:22pm

I cook with olive oil for everything. I thought it was the healthiest for the body. I only use canola when necessary. I use a spray of canola to grease a baking pan or spray on the grill before cooking. I do not eat butter or margarine. I have my husband using the light smart balance with olive oil and omega 3s.


04/17/2010 - 10:34am

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