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November 7, 2011 - 11:56am

I’ll be honest—I love chocolate year-round. But with the mercury dipping, a cup of hot cocoa or bite of silky, rich dark chocolate seems that much more appealing.

Must-Try Recipes: Amazingly Good-for-You Chocolate Cakes, Truffles & More

Fortunately, as a registered dietitian and the associate nutrition editor of EatingWell Magazine I have come across several health reasons to justify such an indulgence (in fact, chocolate is just one of 9 “Bad” Foods You Should Be Eating). Here’s a roundup of the latest health boons attributed to chocolate: 

1. It’s (almost) a diet food....

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November 1, 2011 - 11:38am

The holidays are just around the corner and although it’s supposed to be joyful, it can also be a stressful time for many people (myself included). As the associate nutrition editor at EatingWell Magazine and a registered dietitian, I know that when times get tough it can be tempting to let healthy habits slip. But luckily there are healthier ways to cope. In the November/December issue of EatingWell Magazine, writers Amy Paturel and Patricia Bannan report on 7 natural stress busters, including these 4 scents you can use to de-stress. (I love that there are foods that can help relax you just by sniffing them!) So next time you start feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and inhale one of these calming scents:


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October 28, 2011 - 11:48am

Chances are you know someone with diabetes. You might even have it yourself. It’s one of the most common and fastest growing lifestyle diseases today—by one report, 1 in 2 Americans could have diabetes by 2020. It’s a costly disease that can affect other parts of your health—it’s often seen together with heart and kidney disease and if left untreated can even lead to blindness and amputations. It is the sixth leading cause of death.

Despite these grim statistics, there is good news. Lifestyle—diet and exercise—are two important factors that can prevent and help manage type 2 diabetes. People with diabetes should work with a registered dietitian (R.D.) to learn about proper eating for diabetes (EatingWell’s...

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October 25, 2011 - 11:13am

There are certain foods I can’t get enough of and, incidentally, most of them fall within the Italian diet. Luckily for my health, Italian cuisine follows the Mediterranean pattern of eating—it focuses on simple, natural ingredients, such as tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, dark leafy greens and whole grains, making it one of the world’s healthiest diets. Research suggests that the benefits of a Mediterranean-style eating pattern may include improved weight loss, better control of blood-glucose (sugar) levels and reduced risk of depression. Check out these 8 essential ingredients of Italian cuisine, compiled by EatingWell’s editors, that you should add to your diet.

Don’t Miss: 8...

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October 19, 2011 - 11:34am

Since I'm always interested in learning how food can help to prevent and manage different health conditions, a recent study about the link between coffee and depression caught my attention. The study, which appeared in the Archives of Internal Medicine and got a lot of buzz, suggested that women who drink coffee have lower rates of depression. Sure, it was an association, which doesn’t prove that coffee was responsible for the lower rates of depression, but it was a very large study (more than 50,000 women) that traced coffee intake and depression diagnoses over the course of 14 years. As a registered dietitian and associate nutrition editor at EatingWell Magazine, that’s strong enough evidence for me to say that if you already drink coffee, you can count this among the other potential health boons to support your coffee habit (...

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