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Who are your healthy heroes?

By Lisa Gosselin, August 11, 2011 - 1:10pm

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EatingWell wants to know: Who should be our unsung Healthy Heroes for 2011?

Nominate your favorite farmer, activist, food writer, politician or chef who has done something outstanding and unique to promote a better, healthier way of eating in the past year.

* This person or people should have done something significant, unique and replicable in 2011 that has had a local or national impact on our food system or culture. 

* Please think of people who are not in the national news on a regular basis. We are looking for looking for the NEXT Michael Pollan, Michelle Obama, Alice Waters or Robert Kenner.

Please tell us why you've nominated your Healthy Hero and submit your response in the comments below.

Deadline: November 1

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Lisa Gosselin
Lisa Gosselin is the former editorial director of EatingWell Media Group.

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