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Staff favorites recipes from the November 2013 issue of EatingWell Magazine

By Wendy Ruopp, November 20, 2013 - 11:22am

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Our double issue for November and December is an easy one to love: it’s stuffed with gorgeous photos of fabulous food and it arrives just when you start thinking about cooking for all the season’s celebrations. Everyone who works at EatingWell found recipes they wanted to make at home after getting to taste them at work—and they were happy to tell me about their favorites.

A Light & Fluffy Cheesecake That Tastes as Good as It Looks
Breana Lai, Associate Food Editor, says: “I adore the Cranberry-Lime Cheesecake (pictured above) because of its creamy, yet light texture and beauty. The fresh cranberry topping reminds me of Christmas ornaments. Plus any dessert that tastes better the next day is perfect for the holidays.”

Stacy Fraser, Test Kitchen Manager, agrees: “I’m not even a cheesecake lover, but I could not get enough of the light and fluffy Cranberry-Lime Cheesecake. It will be my go-to holiday dessert this year. I love that the cake and topping can be made a day ahead and assembled just before serving. And the cranberry-lime flavor combo is just so mouthwateringly delicious.”

Galette with Kabocha Squash & KaleSweet and Savory—and Oh So Flexible—Galettes
Stacy didn’t stop there. She also had shout-outs for Anna Thomas’s galette recipes: “I love how elegant, yet rustic the galette recipes look and really love that most of them are just as good (if not better!) served at room temperature instead of right from the oven. Their make-ahead nature makes them ideal for holiday entertaining.” 

Lisa D’Agrosa, Associate Nutrition Editor and one of the few vegetarians on staff, liked the galettes too: “The Galette with Kabocha Squash & Kale is one of my favorite recipes of all time! It’s like an upscale twist on pizza and a fun way to eat some of my favorite veggies. The pine nuts and Gouda cheese are delicious additions. Plus, it looks as good as it tastes.”

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta & SageA Festive Twist on a Seasonal Classic
Stacy Fraser’s favorite veggie side dish from this issue: “My family LOVES Brussels sprouts. The Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta & Sage are so easy to make and will taste great with just about any holiday meal.”

General Tso’s ChickenHealthy Takeout Makeovers
Of course there are a few nights during the holidays when you are just happy to be home with your immediate family—even if it means feeding them in a hurry. Stacy’s picks, from the Weeknights section: “I made the Easy Miso-Chicken Ramen several times before the issue even went to the printer. Perfect for weeknight: Super-quick (just 30 minutes) and dinner is all in just one bowl. My kids eat it as is, while my husband and I douse it with sriracha to spice it up.”

Same goes for General Tso’s Chicken, says Stacy. “Yum, yum, yummy—great texture without deep-frying the chicken. Ready in 30 minutes! A gift to working families!”

Cranberry-Rosemary Stuffed Pork LoinShow-Stopping Pork Loin Sparkles with Cranberries
Research Editor Anne Bliss picked another great recipe from the cranberry story: “I’ll definitely be making the Cranberry-Rosemary Stuffed Pork Loin. With our Test Kitchen’s easy instructions for butterflying , I know not to be intimidated by this recipe! This will be an easy-to-make and festive entree to serve holiday-season dinner guests.”

Pomegranate Molasses-Glazed Carrots with PistachiosGlazed Carrots Even a Veggie-Hater Will Love
Renée Lauber, Licensing, Director of Health & Wellness, discovered a new favorite side dish: “As a documented cooked-carrot hater, I was reluctant to try the Pomegranate Molasses-Glazed Carrots with Pistachios. Turns out, I’ve been wrong all these years. Cooked carrots can be amazing…at least, these carrots are amazing! I’ve been recommending this recipe to all my friends for the perfect make-ahead Thanksgiving side dish (hint: it’s even better on day 2)!”

Party Perfect Salmon Platter
Renée Lauber has already put some of the issue’s advice for worry-free entertaining to good use. “The Smoked Salmon Platter is my new go-to crowd pleaser! We recently had 12 friends for dinner; I prepared the platter and spreads in the morning and, voilá! I had a beautiful and delicious appetizer ready to pull from the fridge when the guests arrived. Everyone loved the spreads; the mustard sauce was a nice twist on the traditional. Yum!”

What recipes in the November/December issue are you excited to try?

What recipes in the November/December issue are you excited to try? Tell us what you think below.

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Wendy Ruopp
Wendy Ruopp has been the managing editor of EatingWell for most of her adult life. Although she edits all the recipes for the magazine, her husband does the cooking at home.

Wendy asks: What recipes in the November/December issue are you excited to try?

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