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Set it & forget it: no-prep slow-cooker chicken pho soup

By Wendy Ruopp, March 13, 2013 - 10:57am

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Wendy asks: What are you making in your slow cooker this week?


My family made a crock pot pizza today.i was made in a crock pot and had this is it:Rigatoni pbaesatef(not sure it it was lean beef or not)peperonipizza saucetomato saucemozzarella cheese(packaged)and Parmesan cheesei had one serving of that and also had a slice of garlic bread.It was amazing:)i will try your recipe soon.Kathy Baker.


04/03/2014 - 8:42am

make white sauce in the microwave. Melt butter in microwave. Stir in flour and salt witha whisk. Add enough milk to make a smooth paste on the thin side. Then add rest of milk and whisk til smooth. Cook on high whisking every two minutes. It will thicken up and can be used for many dishes. Use a recipe for white sauce. You can use nonfat or 1 or 2 percent milk for lower fat and calories. 8to 12 minutes depending on the amount of white sauce. Sally Anna Rice Mettler


04/03/2013 - 1:15am

I always prefer lighter foods which are easily digestible and also easy to make, takes less time. It is good for your body as food should always be light to digest to avoid bloating problems.


03/14/2013 - 6:16am

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