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Meatloaf: The ultimate comfort food goes low-cal

By Jessie Price, January 19, 2009 - 3:36am

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Temperatures have finally fallen below zero here in Vermont and the wind chill is literally numbing my mind. Weather like this makes me want to stay inside and cook up hearty comfort-food recipes. Meatloaf, one of my ultimate comfort foods, fits the bill perfectly.

Our meatloaf recipe was inspired by a delicious, but high-fat, high-sodium version. To make it healthier, but just as tasty, we added richly flavored dried mushrooms and whole-grain bulgur to increase fiber, vitamins and minerals and decrease the saturated fat.

Here’s how our madeover version stacks up against the less-healthy original:

Traditional Meatloaf

* Calories: 342
* Fat: 15 g
* Saturated Fat: 6 g
* Sodium: 1,200 mg
* Fiber: 2 g

EatingWell’s Meatloaf

* Calories: 313
* Fat: 10 g
* Saturated Fat: 3 g
* Sodium: 467 mg
* Fiber: 6 g

Once you’ve tried our classic meatloaf recipe you may want to experiment with some of our other favorites:

Blue Ribbon Meatloaf: In revisiting this classic, we put the meat back in the “loaf” by using ultra-lean ground beef and turkey. With fresh whole-wheat breadcrumbs and beer-simmered sweet onions, you’ll never notice the missing fat.

Black Rice Curried Meatloaf: This one is baked with store-bought chutney on top and includes black rice. The rice stands in for some of the meat, making it healthier and gives it a great texture. If you can’t find black rice, try it with easier-to-find long-grain brown.

Turkey Mini Meatloaves: A great option when you’re pressed for time, these bake quickly and are ready (start to finish) in just 45 minutes. They include shredded zucchini in the mix, which keeps them moist and adds nutrients.

Do you have any tricks that you like to use to make meatloaf healthier? Tell us what you think below.

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Jessie Price
Jessie Price is the editor-in-chief of EatingWell magazine. Besides her work on 11 other EatingWell books, she is the author of the James Beard Award-winning The Simple Art of EatingWell and EatingWell One-Pot Meals. She lives in Charlotte, Vermont where she stays busy growing her own vegetables in the summer and tracking down great Vermont food products when she’s not working.

Jessie asks: Do you have any tricks that you like to use to make meatloaf healthier?

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