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Low-fat football snacks for tight ends

By Carolyn Malcoun, November 25, 2009 - 10:42am

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I grew up in a football-loving family. As a kid, my family traveled to most of the University of Michigan games and I loved tailgating (and eating the the yummy tailgating snacks) as a student at University of Wisconsin. When I lived in Minneapolis, I became a fan of the Minnesota Vikings (Go Adrian Peterson!) and ended up getting really into fantasy football.

Even though I love the game dearly, I love the game-time snacks even more. But my husband and I are watching our waistlines, so instead of super-greasy fried food and creamy dips, I like to make these healthy low-cal football snacks.

· I have a soft spot for all things “Buffalo-style”—or maybe I have a soft spot for blue cheese dressing… Either way, Boneless Buffalo Wings are always a hit when I serve them up on game day.

· I love party mixes but they’re often made with the better part of a stick of butter, or worse, margarine. Jojo’s Party Mix gets its irresistible, rich taste from olive oil and a bit of Parmesan cheese, with two-thirds less fat (none of it saturated) so you can forget about that other stuff.

· I love spinach dip in all its forms, particularly the creamy, cold versions with crunchy water chestnuts, often served in a bread bowl. I was a bit skeptical when we decided to make a healthier version, but Creamy Spinach Dip is better than any full-fat version I’ve tried and has 10 grams less fat than traditional versions! Touchdown!

· If I had to say what my favorite bar food is, loaded potato skins are definitely it. Luckily, potato skins are the most nutritious part of the potato, so with just a touch of olive oil and Parmesan, you can bake up your own healthy Parmesan Potato Skin Chips.

· When the game is tied and the minutes are ticking away in the 4th quarter, I tend to eat nervously. So I make sure to have Ranch Dip & Crunchy Vegetables on hand, so I can guiltlessly munch away on the raw veggies—with just a bit of dip, of course—without feeling too guilty!

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Carolyn Malcoun
A graduate of New England Culinary Institute and University of Wisconsin with a degree in journalism, Carolyn pairs her long-standing love for food with writing as EatingWell's senior food editor. Carolyn’s culinary interest is rooted in her childhood; she grew up making thousands of Christmas cookies every year with her mom and picking leaves off bunches of parsley to make tabbouleh with her dad. Away from the kitchen, Carolyn enjoys seeking out rare craft beers and exploring the outdoors with her husband, young daughter and dog.

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