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Low-fat football snacks for tight ends

By Carolyn Malcoun, November 25, 2009 - 10:42am

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I grew up in a football-loving family. As a kid, my family traveled to most of the University of Michigan games and I loved tailgating (and eating the the yummy tailgating snacks) as a student at University of Wisconsin. When I lived in Minneapolis, I became a fan of the Minnesota Vikings (Go Adrian Peterson!) and ended up getting really into fantasy football.

Even though I love the game dearly, I love the game-time snacks even more. But my husband and I are watching our waistlines, so instead of super-greasy fried food and creamy dips, I like to make these healthy low-cal football snacks.

· I have a soft spot for all things “Buffalo-style”—or maybe I have a soft spot for blue cheese dressing… Either way, Boneless Buffalo Wings are always a hit when I serve them up on game day.

· I love party mixes but they’re often made with the better part of a stick of butter, or worse, margarine. Jojo’s Party Mix gets its irresistible, rich taste from olive oil and a bit of Parmesan cheese, with two-thirds less fat (none of it saturated) so you can forget about that other stuff.

· I love spinach dip in all its forms, particularly the creamy, cold versions with crunchy water chestnuts, often served in a bread bowl. I was a bit skeptical when we decided to make a healthier version, but Creamy Spinach Dip is better than any full-fat version I’ve tried and has 10 grams less fat than traditional versions! Touchdown!

· If I had to say what my favorite bar food is, loaded potato skins are definitely it. Luckily, potato skins are the most nutritious part of the potato, so with just a touch of olive oil and Parmesan, you can bake up your own healthy Parmesan Potato Skin Chips.

· When the game is tied and the minutes are ticking away in the 4th quarter, I tend to eat nervously. So I make sure to have Ranch Dip & Crunchy Vegetables on hand, so I can guiltlessly munch away on the raw veggies—with just a bit of dip, of course—without feeling too guilty!

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Carolyn Malcoun
Carolyn Malcoun combines her love of food and writing as a recipe contributor for EatingWell. Carolyn has a culinary arts degree from New England Culinary Institute and a degree in journalism from University of Wisconsin—Madison. Carolyn lives in Burlington, Vermont, and enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking and running in her free time.

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