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Fresh fruit desserts in 15 minutes

By Carolyn Malcoun, June 23, 2009 - 4:36am

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My poor husband. He grew up in a family full of sweet tooths, a family who always ate dessert after dinner. I, on the other hand, was raised by a mother who always had a bag of Cheetos stashed in the corner cupboard and a father who is psyched when he can get a cheese plate for dessert when we go out to dinner.

So when we first moved in together I was just plain confused when I’d watch him root around the cabinets looking for something sweet after dinner. Dessert? Every night? Really?

I could only take his pitiful pillaging for so long. I decided it was time to whip up some healthy fruit desserts. Not only does he get a serving of fruit from his dessert, but they’re all ready in 15 minutes or less, so I don’t spend too much extra time in the kitchen. And I like them, too, so we both win! Here are some of his favorites:

  1. Citrus-Infused Strawberries: A touch of lemon juice and Grand Marnier add zippy citrus notes to fresh strawberries. Serve with a dollop of lightly sweetened whipped cream.
  2. Caramelized Bananas: Rum, cinnamon and brown sugar make a luscious sauce for bananas. The bananas have to get in and out of the pan in 1 1/2 minutes, no longer, so they stay firm in the center.
  3. Instant Peach Frozen Yogurt: Frozen peaches turn into nearly instant frozen yogurt in this quick and easy recipe.
  4. Mixed Berry Sundaes: A melding of your favorite summer berries top scoops of sorbet in the perfect summer dessert.
  5. Rhubarb-Vanilla Compote: Vanilla and cinnamon add subtle flavor to this quick rhubarb compote. I can serve warm or cold, and it’s delicious wrapped in storebought crepes, stirred into Greek yogurt or over low-fat ice cream.

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Carolyn Malcoun
A graduate of New England Culinary Institute and University of Wisconsin with a degree in journalism, Carolyn pairs her long-standing love for food with writing as EatingWell's senior food editor. Carolyn’s culinary interest is rooted in her childhood; she grew up making thousands of Christmas cookies every year with her mom and picking leaves off bunches of parsley to make tabbouleh with her dad. Away from the kitchen, Carolyn enjoys seeking out rare craft beers and exploring the outdoors with her husband, young daughter and dog.

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