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Eat your meds for dinner

By Wendy Ruopp, May 7, 2010 - 12:36pm

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Eat your meds for dinner

If you’re crafty (unlike me), you’re probably used to following patterns to produce beautiful results. I am more likely to dive in and figure out a unifying structure after the fact (as in, a knitted potholder that started out to be a scarf). This is my impression of how what’s now known as “the Mediterranean diet” came to be. Get 20 quick and healthy Mediterranean Dinner Recipes ready in 30 minutes or less here.

The Mediterranean diet didn’t start out as a plan. People living along the Mediterranean, for centuries, ate the bounty they were surrounded by—fresh fruits, vegetables, olives and olive oil, grains, fish from the sea and just a little meat—and it transpired, when science came by to take a look, that their hearts were not only pure but in remarkably good shape. (Find 9 Mediterranean foods you should be eating here.) Research has shown they also enjoy reduced risk of diabetes, cancer and more. (One scientist thinks a Mediterranean diet may even fight depression.)

You may not live by the beautiful briny sea, but with delicious Mediterranean recipes it won’t take much planning to follow a Mediterranean pattern. As in knitting, it’s less important to stress about each stitch and better to keep the shape of the whole in mind, enjoying the process as you do. You can feel better naturally by following the Mediterranean eating pattern. Cast on with this recipe for Mediterranean Wrap and more ultra-healthy Mediterranean dinner recipes and knit—I mean, eat—your way to good health. (Not enough time to make dinner? Watch as we show you how to make two instant Mediterranean snacks instead.)

If you could travel to the Mediterranean, what country would you visit and what food would you most like to eat? Tell us what you think below.

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Wendy Ruopp
Wendy Ruopp has been the managing editor of EatingWell for most of her adult life. Although she writes about food for the Weeknights column of EatingWell Magazine, her husband does the cooking at home.

Wendy asks: If you could travel to the Mediterranean, what country would you visit and what food would you most like to eat?

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