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5 yummy ways to eat your Easter Eggs

By Michelle Edelbaum, March 25, 2010 - 12:12pm

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I can’t wait to dye Easter eggs with my son for the first time this year. I know he’s really going to enjoy it because, at 1 year old, he’s really into dipping things. I like dyeing Easter eggs for two reasons: exercising artistic flair with my egg decoration and having leftover hard-boiled eggs. Hard-boiling eggs is quite possibly one of the easiest things to cook, but I still feel like it’s a treat to have them around for egg salad or to chop up and put in a green salad. Think eggs aren’t good for your health? Think again. Find out why they made the list of 5 “bad” foods you should be eating.

I’m not the only one who feels that way—yesterday I brought egg salad for lunch and everyone at work was so jealous! So if you cook some of my favorite recipes to make with leftover Easter eggs, eat them quick or someone else surely will.

EatingWell Deviled Eggs: Our Food Editor Jessie says that every time she makes these deviled eggs, people snatch them up and she never has enough to go around. I’m one of those egg snatchers who can’t help myself from taking seconds, so luckily for me this recipe replaces some of the egg yolks with nonfat cottage cheese—keeping the filling velvety and rich while reducing some of the fat. I dare you to taste the difference.

EatingWell Cobb Salad: I can understand why Jennifer Aniston reportedly had a Cobb salad for lunch every day for the 10 years she was shooting Friends. I could eat one every day too. This Cobb salad recipe is true to the original, with all the good stuff—chicken, eggs, bacon, avocado and a tangy dressing— but half the saturated fat and double the amount of healthy monounsaturated fat.

Egg Salad: I know, egg salad hardly needs a recipe, right? But it’s worth checking out this simple version spiked with scallion greens for a super-easy, extra-flavorful lunch for one.

Country Potato Salad: As much as I love egg salad, I love potato salad with eggs even better—two of my favorite foods in one yummy dish. This potato salad recipe gets subtle flavor from smoked ham (yum!).

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