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5 winter fruit desserts in 15 minutes or less!

By Michelle Edelbaum, January 7, 2009 - 3:36am

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To satisfy my sweet tooth without consuming unhealthy junk food and calorie-laden sweets, I try to have a vitamin- and fiber-packed fruit dessert every night after dinner.

These 15-minute fruit desserts are not only fast but they’re also a delicious way to eat more antioxidant-rich fruit (when cookies are tempting!).

1. Satisfy that chocolate craving with Chocolate & Banana. A drizzle of melted chocolate chips over banana slices makes an easy treat.

2. Warm, flavorful raspberries make a pleasing contrast to cool orange slices in Orange Slices with Warm Raspberries. Another winter favorite—fresh pineapple— can stand in for the oranges.

3. Mango Brulee is a simple but elegant dessert that brings a taste of the tropics to your table.

4. Vanilla-infused ricotta cheese is the perfect foil for saucy poached figs in Marsala-Poached Figs over Ricotta.

5. Easy Tropical Fruits with Pistachios & Coconut is ready in 10 minutes and is packed with vitamin C.

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