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4 favorite fall power salads

By Carolyn Malcoun, October 16, 2009 - 9:59am

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The weather may be cooling off but salad season is definitely not over. In fact, some of my favorite fall recipes are salads because there’s a huge variety of vegetables that are still fresh—from broccoli and cabbage to spinach and mixed greens. These dinner salads come together quickly and are an easy and delicious way to make good use of all the produce I get from my farm share. Plus with a little protein a salad is substantial enough for dinner and satisfies my hunger. To make our dinner complete, I just warm up a hunk of my favorite crusty bread and pour some wine. Here are 4 great dinner-salad recipes starring fresh fall produce.

Ready in 20 Minutes
Like many spinach salads, Loaded Spinach Salad features lots of chopped-up hard-boiled egg. But since most of the calories in an egg are in the yolk, we use just two whole eggs, plus the whites from six additional eggs. The result is a rich, eggy, satisfying spinach salad that keeps the calories in check.

Finely chopped raw broccoli is tender and mild. In Broccoli Salad with Creamy Feta Dressing, it's tossed with a creamy dressing, meaty chickpeas and sweet bell pepper. A great lunchbox salad, side salad or double the serving for dinner.

Ready in 30-40 Minutes
Whenever I get a (huge) head of napa cabbage from my farm share, I make Asian Chicken Salad. Since it’s only my husband, Dan, and me, I toss half the salad with half the dressing and split the rest between two containers for us to take for lunch the following day.

Steak & Purple-Potato Salad: This hearty salad is inspired by salpicón, a favorite dish in Chile. The purple potatoes add vibrant color but you can substitute small potatoes, such as fingerlings. Serve on a bed of spicy mesclun greens. To make ahead: Prepare through Step 3, cover and refrigerate for up to 1 day. Toss the steak and potatoes with the dressing and vegetables (Step 4) just before serving.

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Carolyn Malcoun
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