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4 Chicken Thigh Recipes That Will Turn You On to the Dark Side of Chicken

By Hilary Meyer, November 21, 2013 - 10:43am

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I was the guy that always ate the white meat, but this past year we had dinner at Dads house . While watching the game on T V I thought the turkey was past due to be checked for inner temp. Sure enough it was well well well DONE. I hate over done meat of any kind, so this year I said I would like the dark meat,(coming from a family of 8 you really had no choice but eat what you got).The dark meat was more flavorful than any piece I ever had from that bird, never willI go back. So here reading @ chicken dark meat thought I would go dark here also. So much of a diff . Being diabetic (brittle) and having dropped over a hundred #s., I needed to add weight again so started to add the dark meat to my pastas, soups & other foods, lasagna esp. Of course the weight came back little by little but have added ground chik & turkey to all my meals, only if its dark meat.


03/31/2014 - 10:16pm

Interesting fact of how many Americans actually consume more white meat than dark because I expected it to be much higher. The most common types of chicken you see being served at any restaurant or bought in a grocery store is some type of white chicken. Most of the time this is found as boneless breasts or wings but is also popular with the bone as well. It is good to know some of the culinary reasoning’s behind why white meat is always preferred at dinner or in dishes. Good things to know about white meat having more moisture so that it doesn’t dry out while dark meat has more flavor. This will be a good tip to remember when I am cooking any type of chicken meals in the future. These four chicken recipes are awesome ideas of how to incorporate different types of chicken into delicious and unique meals! Thank you!


12/09/2013 - 12:10am

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