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30-minute steak dinner with blue cheese sauce for $3.50

By Wendy Ruopp, December 13, 2012 - 11:30am

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Just in the last few months, two or three new artisanal steak restaurants have opened in town. I’m usually the last to know that something is trendy, catching on just as it goes from cool to cliché—but even I can notice that locally sourced steak is a hot food trend right now. A hot and expensive trend. Happily married as I am, thinking about going to a nice restaurant for a fancy steak dinner makes me wish I were still dating (it’s not as much fun when you have to pay for both dinners: “Oh, I’m not that hungry—I’ll just have a salad.”)

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It may not be as trendy to eat dinner at home, but the EatingWell Test Kitchen’s revelatory new recipe for Seared Steak with Caramelized Onion & Blue Cheese Sauce makes it a whole lot cheaper than going out.

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There are a couple more things I love about this recipe, too: it costs less than $3.50 a serving and it’s ready in 30 minutes and you can cook the whole thing in one pan. And it’s a nice steak dinner!

With these three steak-cooking secrets you won’t miss the taste of the restaurant experience (or the bill!)
How to make a fast and flawless steak dinner at home:

1. Get the pan nice and hot, add the steak.
2. Don’t fiddle with it! Flip it only once.
3. Use the “browned bits” left in the pan as the base for a quick pan sauce.

Once you’ve mastered this easy technique, you can indulge in a restaurant-worthy steak dinner at home—and use the money you’ll save for a grown-up night out another time.

Seared Steak with Caramelized Onion & Blue Cheese Sauce
It only takes one skillet to make this restaurant-worthy pan-seared steak recipe with creamy caramelized onion and blue cheese sauce.

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What restaurant dinners would you love to make cheaper at home? Tell us what you think below.

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Wendy Ruopp
Wendy Ruopp has been the managing editor of EatingWell for most of her adult life. Although she edits all the recipes for the magazine, her husband does the cooking at home.

Wendy asks: What restaurant dinners would you love to make cheaper at home?

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