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Hot bread for a healthy bod

By Carolyn Malcoun, February 5, 2009 - 3:36am

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The first time I baked bread from scratch was 10 years ago when I spent an entire weekend cooking and baking. I’d armed myself with the ingredients for a simple loaf of whole-wheat bread and went for it. I was rewarded with an apartment filled with the warm aroma of homemade bread.

What better way to add some whole-grain goodness to your diet? (People who eat plenty of whole grains tend to be leaner and healthier than those who don’t.)

I was really excited when award-winning cookbook author Nancy Baggett shared 5 of her easy, amazing recipes for no-knead breads. I love dunking chunks of Crunchy-Munchy Corn & Millet Bread—a rustic round loaf that’s crunchy on the outside and moist and soft on the inside—into creamy chowder. And chewy-crisp and fragrant Parmesan-Herb Focaccia goes well with any Italian food.

Try Nancy’s 6 tips for great no-knead breads and you’ll be baking homemade bread in no time.

Try this Honey Oat Quick Bread. It has a yummy flavor and is divinely moist and tender. It requires minimal mixing and cleanup, calls for ingredients usually stocked in the pantry, and is tasty yet healthful. Bonus: it takes just 15 minutes to prep!

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Carolyn Malcoun
Carolyn Malcoun combines her love of food and writing as a recipe contributor for EatingWell. Carolyn has a culinary arts degree from New England Culinary Institute and a degree in journalism from University of Wisconsin—Madison. Carolyn lives in Burlington, Vermont, and enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking and running in her free time.

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