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Foods that do the weight-loss work for you

By Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D., December 23, 2009 - 12:41pm

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Brierley asks: What foods fill you up and help you eat less?


Hmm... Alright, i'll give it a try!


03/25/2010 - 5:49pm

Thank you very much! Sleeping less is a real problem and what we eat is essential. We need to know what is healthy and how to combine food. All the best! Ana Suciu


03/25/2010 - 5:30pm

. i really hope this works.. i am going to try it starting today!!!..


03/25/2010 - 5:13pm

this is real good, i love chickpeas and sweet potato... who knew they were good for you???


03/25/2010 - 5:09pm

Dark red or green apples


03/25/2010 - 4:51pm

woa i never knew


03/25/2010 - 4:42pm

Interesting and Helpful.


03/25/2010 - 4:28pm

Can we eat beef and other stuff ? I mean please, this food is for a vegetarian... I am a carnivore...


03/25/2010 - 3:52pm

Great info.


03/25/2010 - 3:41pm

looks like all 5 are hi carb foods and in that case i wont eat any of that. Hi protien and low carb is what we should all be doing and forget about fat content and calories, it does not have to be difficult eat a hi protien meal balanced with some carbs (no more than 50 carbs per day) and dont forget the fruit (some not a lot) eat when your hungry stop when your full. It seems like common since would come into play here . Brienley wright has a lot of ackalades past her name but me a lowly auto shop owner now the answere to wieght loss and good health just by useing common since. :)


03/25/2010 - 3:40pm

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