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Day 1: Get Ready to Lose Weight: Your Toolkit to Get Started

By Lisa Valente, M.S., R.D., December 18, 2013 - 11:47am

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I joined the weight loss challenge, I down loaded tracker as I was instructed to do, however unable to find Tool Kit. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you


06/30/2014 - 9:33am

I'm confused. Why does it say toolkit to get started and there is nothing there but a blog with some hints on what to do? No weigh in options, check in options, anything? What is the toolkit?


01/09/2014 - 4:38pm

The recent blog posts below day one should list day 2, day 3 and so forth. It lists day 11 through 14 instead. That's no too helpful.


01/05/2014 - 1:20pm

weight in KG or lbs?


01/01/2014 - 1:50pm

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