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Day 13: Small Changes Add Up to Big Weight Loss

By Lisa Valente, M.S., R.D., December 29, 2013 - 1:50am

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Well, I cannot agree at all! I have tried the small changes idea but I never lost any weight. But since I have adopted the low carb lifestyle I am losing weight. Eliminating all grains and sugars out of my life makes me not only lose weight but also feel better.
Since I am following the low carb lifestyle (it's NOT a diet) I don't buy into all these low fat, high carb diets that make your blood sugar go on roller coaster rides. Living a low carb lifestyle has changed my life and the way my body feels and I will NEVER go back to starving on low fat and counting calories. Not every diet works the same for every person.
Back in the days when we were still cavemen and we were hunters and gatherers, we had no need for sugars and grains. Our bodies haven't changed much evolution wise, so to tell people that we NEED grains to survive is NOT true. Ever wondered why more and more people become gluten intolerant? The grains we have today are far from the grains our grandparents used to eat. Our grains today have been genetically altered and modified to such an extend that they are more harmful than good and they don't carry much healthy nutrition anymore.

And starving yourself, cutting out calories is the worst you can do. My dietitian told me, if you're hungry like a bear, you'll eat like a bear and she has a valid point. The best way to lose weight is to cut carbs because we don't need them and keep the blood sugar leveled. FAT is NOT the enemy. It's the carbs!
All the other BS that people are brainwashed with....keep it. THAT'S why so many people are obese.


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