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Add this ingredient to your lunch to help you shed pounds

By Carolyn Malcoun, December 1, 2009 - 10:50am

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Carolyn asks: What are your favorite lunchbox recipes?


I love the idea of chicken with friut in my salad and also almounds, So your curried chicken with a pita is a great alternative and a nice change from my normal lunch. Thanks!


12/21/2009 - 3:36pm

I will make the wheatberry-lentil soup this weekend. Sounds wonderful! Great, timely recipes.


12/17/2009 - 10:32pm

Cumun, as well as other hot spices do me a lot of harm, what might be used in place of cumun?


12/17/2009 - 8:59pm

If you want to enjoy the heart-healthy benefits of tuna but are worried about mercury, opt for chunk light tuna. Canned white tuna comes from the large albacore and can be high in mercury content. Chunk light tuna, on the other hand, comes from smaller fish—skipjack or yellowfin. According to a recent study, canned white tuna samples averaged about 315 percent more mercury than chunk light tuna samples. (The chunk light tunas averaged 0.132 parts per million mercury content, while the white [albacore] tunas averaged 0.412 ppm.)


12/11/2009 - 10:54am

Could tuna be taken out of recipes here considering they are going to be extinct soon? Who knows they may be saved if people stop eating it. Also have you looked into their mercury levels?


12/03/2009 - 11:40pm

Thank you so much for the great lunch ideas. I definitely struggle with my eating during the holiday season, so this is really helpful.


12/03/2009 - 4:52pm

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